Scopia Workshops, 2013-2014

Myrifield Institute sponsors SCOPIA workshops, led and coordinated by our president, Mark Turner, from Case Western University. SCOPIA workshops are designed to give a forum to those who would like to present their work in progress to interested colleagues. The workshops are by invitation only.

Wednesday May 8, 2013 EDT 12:00, CET 18:00, EEST 19:00

Great Chain of Being: Pictures of the World
Svitlana Shurma, Kiev, Ukraine

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 EDT 12:00, PDT 9:00, CET 18:00

The Limits of Metaphor
Florin Berindeanu, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Tuesday November 12, 2013 EST 10:00, BRST 13:00, CET 16:00

Multimodal Metaphors in Speech and Gestures: An Analysis of Political Debates and Narrative Interviews
Maíra Avelar Miranda, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tuesday January 21, 2014 EST 12:00, CST 11:00, CET 18:00

The Poetic Line as Part and Whole: A Perception-Oriented Approach to Lineation of Poems in the Hebrew Bible
Emmylou Grosser, Madison Wisconsin, USA