OUP series

Oxford University Press Book Series, Cognition and Poetics

The book series fosters and presents high quality interdisciplinary research in the area of cognitive poetics, at the intersection of cognitive science, literature and the arts, and linguistics. At the same time, the series is not restricted to one particular approach, and does not look at Cognitive Poetics as a single discipline, but rather as a highly dynamic and still emergent field of research and scholarship which is of central interest for a range of different disciplines. Consequently, the series aims to invite and include important scholarship and research on cognition and poetics from an extended range of interdisciplinary endeavor.

The project’s three major objectives:

  • To expand the development of theories and methodologies that integrate research in the relevant disciplines to further our understanding of the production and reception of the arts as one of the most central and complex operations of the human mind.
  • To encourage exemplary application of these theories and methods to both established traditions and emerging practices in artistic creation and expression and the various modes of cognitive engagement they do entail.
  • To investigate both synchronically and diachronically the various ways models of the mind and models of artistic creation and reception have been developed and revised interdependently and in relation to each other throughout history and changed in different contexts.


  1. Alexander Bergs, Universität Osnabrück – English Language and Linguistics
  2. Margaret H. Freeman, Myrifield Institute for Cognition and the Arts – Literature in English
  3. Peter Schneck, Universität Osnabrück – American Studies
  4. Achim Stephan, Universität Osnabrück – Philosophy of Cognition

If you are interested in contributing to our Book Series, see our Guidelines for Submission.