Dickinson in Context 2018-2019

Schedule of discussions

August: Dickinson and the Bible. Guest Emily Seelbinder, Queens University

September: Dickinson in 1862. Guest Ivy Schweitzer, Dartmouth College, on her blog White Heat

October: Dickinson and the Sense of Place. Adrienne Rich, “Vesuvius at Home.”

November: Mabel Loomis Todd and Publication. Member Polly Longsworth on Midori Asahina (Keio University) “Reconsidering Mabel Loomis Todd’s Role in Promoting Emily Dickinson’s Writings”

December: Dickinson and Nature. Annual luncheon in celebration of Dickinson’s birth

January: The Devil in Dickinson. Guest Elizabeth Shively, St. Andrews University, Scotland.

February: Dickinson and Contemporary Women’s Rights Literature

March: open

April: open

May: open. Annual luncheon in commemoration of Dickinson’s death